Fury of the Deep – Próximo BattleBox

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We hope you’ve all had a merry, Warhammer-filled Christmas, wherever you are!

We revealed Eldritch Omens on Christmas Day, a Warhammer 40,000 battlebox that sees the Asuryani clash with Chaos in a millennia-old grudge match. Today, it’s Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s turn.https://bcove.video/32uNClm

That’s right – yet another ancient animosity reaches boiling point as bald heads meet long beards in Fury of the Deep, the next battlebox to rock the Mortal Realms.

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The soul-hunting Idoneth Deepkin are escalating their raids on the coastal Fyreslayer stronghold of Ryftmar. As the acidic tides rise, so too does the intensity of the marauding Akhelian Thrallmaster, a new Idoneth character.

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The Thrallmaster shifts stances to effortlessly counter whichever opponent he faces, instructing his Namarti followers to follow suit.

Standing against him is an Auric Flamekeeper, a Fyreslayer warrior priest who presides over a Lodge’s funerary rites.

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Armed with a brazier axe, the solemn Flamekeepers are responsible for removing the ur-gold runes of fallen warriors. They can harness the power of lifeless runes to bestow blessings upon their fellow duardin, all the while bellowing litanies from beneath their grim death masks.*

These two mighty heroes will decide the fate of Ryftmar at the head of two forces comprising a total of 43 miniatures.

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The Auric Flamekeeper is joined by five Auric Hearthguard and five Hearthguard Berzerkers – 10 models in total who can be built either way – as well as 10 Vulkite Berzerkers.

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Against them is an Idoneth raiding party consisting of 10 Namarti Thralls10 Namarti Reavers, and a blood-thirsty Akhelian Allopex.

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You’ll also get a 40-page booklet containing all the background on the war over Ryftmar, rules for a new Aqshyan Region of War called the Vitriolus Reach, and three battle plans covering the events of the raids. 

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There are Warscroll cards for all the miniatures in the box, as well as tokens so you can keep track of your Command Points and of various rules. You’ll be able to start playing right out of the box, with a 56-page version of the Core Book.

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Fury of the Deep is due in early 2022, and there’s more news about salty sea-aelves and sizzling duardin coming. Sign up for the Warhammer newsletter so that you don’t miss out on any more delicious morsels of information